Measures being introduced to tackle the COVID-19 coronavirus mean that many organizations are having to consider how their employees can work remotely for the first time.  Whilst these are extraordinary and challenging times, companies that require employees to work remotely will still need to consider security measures for home working.

Experts are warning of a new wave of cyberattacks targeting employees who are working from home due to the CoVID-19 outbreak.

There is increasing evidence that hackers are using the fear and concerns over viruses to prey on the individuals and that working outside secure office environments opens doors to more cyber vulnerabilities.

Here are some basic guidelines for preparing for Secure Work From Home  and building cybersecurity resilience:

  1. Train your users in cybersecurity best practices
  2. Set up multi-factor authentication for all your accounts
  3. Protect against ransomware 
  4. Install latest OS / Application patches 
  5. Protect your email from phishing attacks
  6. Protect against malicious attachments/websites 
  7. Do Vulnerability assessment of Network Infra 
  8. Update VPNs, network infra devices and adopt strong security configurations

Stay safe! Stay Secure from all virus attacks!

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