The Human Element of Cybersecurity


Who we are?

DigiSec360 is a technology firm focused on human element of cybersecurity. Our mission is to enable organizations manage their cyber security readiness effectively and become their trusted cybersecurity partner.  We are a strong team with 25+ years of collective experience in technology management.

Our offerings


  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VAPT ) 
  • Application software Vulnerability Assessment, Threat detection and patchless protection Solution
  • Awareness Workshops comprising hands-on sessions
  • InfoSec Policy review and drafting  

Our Approach


  • Our service includes a comprehensive assessment to help identify vulnerabilities in your assets and WebApps with a customised report that includes safety and privacy checks. 
  • A flexible, tailor-made program to suit the organisation needs including affordable cybersecurity awareness training to the staff.

Why us?


  • Touching three tenets of a cyber-security  – People, Process & Technology
  • Customizable products and service suites
  • Building long term relationship towards becoming you cybersecurity-partner

Our products

Topia Vulnerability Management


  • Protect against exploitation of yet-to-be-discovered software vulnerabilities
  • A complete and automatic solution for the secure management of any software you own or build

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Cyber Essential 360


  • High quality customized cybersecurity solutions at an affordable price
  • Ensures ISO 27001 compliance 
  •  Proactive security to safeguard against hackers and frauds.

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IT Manager, Leading MFI in Bangalore

"We felt vey comfortable with the Founders and the time they spent in assessing our needs and designing the correct program.

We got a good overview of the ways in which security gets compromised online and came to know of mitigation options. Most of the content provided was news to us.

The sessions were very effective as most of our employees started following cybersecurity best practices and mobile phone security tips shared by digiSec360.

Team digiSec360 came up with a good content which was very interactive with lots of audio-visuals which was appreciated."

CEO, Spaciux

“After lots of research and hunt we decided to go with DigiSec360 for Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for Spaciux website.

They have team of experts and performed a combination of manual and automated testing in the same vein as actual hackers out on the internet as opposed to only automated scanning tools.  However, the main reason to select DigiSec360 turned out to be their quality customer service.  Their report includes a detailed analysis of vulnerabilities and remedial steps to be taken. They even went so far as to help us determine best practices and enhancements to make our website more secure, so as to mitigate our exposure. 

Every company must have secured website and DigiSec360 is the best option for penetration testing, they help me to keep my business secure from cyber attacks They are the experts and cost-effective. “ 

Founder, GoCrackIt

"DigiSec360 team conducted Vulnerability Assessment of GoCrackIt website and identified critical vulnerabilities. 

The team provided value-add by sharing associated risks and remediation steps against each finding. They also helped us determine best practices and enhancements.

Ensuring security of our platform is critical and DigiSec360 is doing a great job by helping us with that."

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