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DigiSec360 is a technology firm focused on human element of cybersecurity. Our mission is to enable organizations manage their cyber security readiness effectively and become their trusted cybersecurity partner. We are a strong team with 25+ years of collective experience in technology management.

Our Offerings

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VAPT )
  • Application software Vulnerability Assessment, Threat detection and patchless protection Solution
  • Awareness Workshops comprising hands-on sessions
  • InfoSec Policy review and drafting

Our Approach

  • Our service includes a comprehensive assessment to help identify vulnerabilities in your assets and WebApps with a customised report that includes safety and privacy checks.
  • A flexible, tailor-made program to suit the organisation needs including affordable cybersecurity awareness training to the staff.

Why us?

  • Touching three tenets of a cyber-security – People, Process & Technology
  • Customizable products and service suites
  • Building long term relationship towards becoming you cybersecurity-partner


Cyber Essential 360

  • High quality customized cybersecurity solutions.
  • Ensures ISO 27001 compliance
  • Proactive security to safeguard against hackers and frauds.

Topia Vulnerability Management

  • Protect against exploitation of yet-to-be-discovered software vulnerabilities
  • A complete and automatic solution for the secure management of any software you own or build



  • Cybersecurity Awareness

    • Social Engineering Frauds
    • Mobile Security
    • Email Security
    • Social Media Privacy/Security
    • Cybersecurity Awareness for Management


  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  • Cybersecurity Policy Development
  • Website Security Assessment
  • Application Security Testing
  • ISO 27001 Implementation


  • Software Vulnerability Management
  • Patchless Protection

We also offer plans with combination of above mentioned services and products. Click Here to know different options.


  • Consulting- 30 min

  • Newsletter- Once a month

  • VAPT - Website Vulnerability Assessment- basic checks

  • -

  • -

  • -

  • -

  • Consulting- 4 Sessions
    (1 per Quarter)

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Content

  • VAPT - Website Vulnerability Assessment- One Domain-
    Full cycle

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training-
    2 sessions in a year

  • Written Information Security Policy-Mandatory controls

  • -

  • Risk Assessment-Basic

  • Consulting- 4 Sessions
    (1 per Quarter)

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Content

  • VAPT - Website Vulnerability Assessment- Multiple domains
    (upto 4)

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training-
    4 Sessions in a year

  • Written Information Security Policy-Comprehensive Controls

  • Annual Vulnerability Management Solution - Up to 500 Assets

  • Risk Assessment-ISO 27001 compliance

Our Customers



Team of cybersecurity experts with 25+ years Collective experience in Technology Management!

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Nanda Chougule

CEO, Co-founder

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Dr. Neena Pandey

Director, Co-founder


Team of Industry experts

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Prof. Rahul De

Strategic Advisor

Professor, IIMB

Sample avatar

Manjula Sridhar

Cybersecurity Expert

Serial Entrepreneur

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Ravindran Parthasarathi

Tech. Advisor

Founder, YEBELO Tech

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